How To Get Started

1. Call for a consultation
Contact Dr. Eddie Seagle at 229.561.9421 or Immediate response to your request is our objective. We understand the critical nature of your problem and will make every effort to schedule a consultation and assessment at your site at the earliest possible date.

2. Set a time for a meeting
After you have contacted us and discussed your situation, we will schedule a visit to your site.

3. Review course or site needs
Upon initial visit to your site, we will conduct a problem analysis to help determine the cause of your problem and corrective strategy to bring it to good health. A preventative strategy will be developed to minimize re-occurrence. Furthermore, we will develop a site analysis to determine the quality of the site and assist you with a report card specifying areas needing special attention.

4. Receive a report card
After the site analysis is completed, a detailed report card will be provided to you outlining the condition and health of each component of your site enabling you to provide the standards needed.

5. Follow up consultation
CSI:Seagle will provide a written follow-up report to each visit. If additional visits are needed, then we will negotiate with you for that service.

6. Implement plan
CSI:Seagle encourages you to implement the professional plan provided as a result of problem or site analysis. If you encounter any difficulty in interpreting or implementing this plan, we will be a phone call away.

7. Cost of service
CSI:Seagle offers single, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual consultation schedules. Pricing varies pending service provided. However, once your needs are known then a fair market price will be identified for your consideration.

  1. We Want You!
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  • TurfScout - TS

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America - GCSAA

  • Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association - GGCSA

  • Golf Environment Organization - GEO

  • Sport Turf Managers Association - STMA

  • BMI China - Club Managers Association of America - GEO

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America - Carolinas Chapter - GCSAA

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America - Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter - GCSAA

  • Georgia Turfgrass Association - GTA

  • Green Industry Marketplace - GreenINMp

  • GEO Sustainability Associates - GEOSA

  • World Scientific Congress of Golf - WSCOG

  • Club Managers Association of America - CMAA

  • Club Managers Association of Chinaa - CMAA-China